SUN BUM Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 – Review

Summer is finally here, and running outside without UV protection increases the chances of getting possibly skin cancer, in the future which I don’t want that to happen. Today we’re going to be reviewing SUN BUM Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50.

My first criteria is packaging

They’ve done an excellent job packaging this in a beautiful opaque squeeze tube; Which fits with their brand.

My second criteria are the ingredients

sun bum face sunscreen reviews

This product does not contain any denatured alcohol. And also fragrance-free, Which is a good thing.
For manufacturing location, it’s made in the US.

It’s a chemical sunscreen, so you don’t have any of that mineral cast. It has a very light texture, which is good. You would apply it to your face and do your neck and decollete.

SUN BUM Face Sunscreen is slightly water-resistant, up to eighty minutes. So if you’re out swimming or anything you want to reapply it but it should get you through about eighty minutes before you need to reapply it.
The more frequent you reapply it, the better off you are going to be protecting your skin from UV rays and damage, and possibly getting burnt.

Feels and conclusions

sun bum face 50 sunscreen

This sunscreen also a little bit hydrating, which is helpful if you have drier skin. And in my opinion, even if you have more oily skin, I think you probably wouldn’t find this overly hydrating. But if you have incredibly oily skin, I probably would gear away from this.

It is not like greasy at all; it almost feels like I put normal moisturizer on my face, it doesn’t leave that greasy yucky sticky feeling as natural sunscreens do. It absorbs beautifully into my face; it feels comfortable.

You should always still put on sunscreen whether it’s cloudy or not because the UV rays are even more harmful when it’s cloudy outside.

sun bum sunscreen for face

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