The 7 best foundation for summer 2019: heat friendly

We all know that foundation is an essential step in your makeup routine. So I am making you a thorough breakdown of the best foundation for this 2019 summer that I am obsessed with, from the drugstore and luxury.

We are talking about different price points, finishes, long-wear, natural, day makeup — everything that you need to know about foundation.

We’re going to start with matte foundations, which is important for someone that doesn’t want an oily finish.

They have a thicker consistency, as opposed to dewy or natural foundations. Those tend to have a more liquidy texture.


Always give a good shake, even though it is puffier texture.

You don’t want to overuse mattifying foundations. There is that fine line where it can be a little bit tricky, because if you don’t use enough, you’re not going to have you know full smoothness. You’re going to have kind of balding patches.

So take your time with it and blend and add more if you need when you don’t have enough product on the skin, and it dries down the way a matte product will

We have drugstore products, and then we have a higher-end.

The 7 best foundation for summer 2019:

1- Natasha Denona – The pore vanishing mat foundation

It comes in a tube, but it also has a pump. They have all sorts of excellent shade range. It fills in and minimizes pores, fine lines. It does not exaggerate dryness it’s great.

7 best foundation for summer 2019

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