The Best 7 Primers for Oily Skin

Let’s jump into the absolute best of The Best 7 Primers for Oily Skin. From the higher-end ones to the drugstore ones.


1- The hourglass mineral veil – 54$

The hourglass mineral veil

It has pretty much been in my yearly favorite, most used primers for like four or five years. It’s got a lightweight, thin consistency. It is entirely white; so bear in mind, if you are picking this one up it can leave like the sort of a bit white cast on the skin. I mean it goes away eventually but it definitely like you can see it. It’s a lightweight sort of slippery kind of feeling primer when you initially apply it, but then it does ride down.

Primers for Oily Skin

This Primer doesn’t absorb into the skin but it kind of like dries down, and sets. And it is just incredible under foundation. It’s so smoothing it keeps you mattified it helps it last all day long.
It does come in a bunch of different sizes. You can get like a little mini one, the medium, and then there is a big tube of it. if you are an oily skin person and you’re struggling to get your makeup to last all day long try this out, I promise it’ll change your life.

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