NYX Epic INK Liner Review

The Kat Von D tattoo liner AKA the ultimate holy grail liquid eyeliner for everyone, versus the NYX epic ink

As a liquid liner junkie, let’s make a head-to-head hardcore comparison between two liquid eyeliners. The Kat Von D tattoo liner AKA the ultimate holy grail liquid eyeliner for everyone, versus the NYX epic ink liner.

nyx epic ink liner review


So they’re both brush tip pen style, the shaky thing on the inside type liquid liners, they’re both not matte.


nyx epic ink liner eyeliner

The Kat Von D tattoo liner is around $26 and the epic ink liner I believe is $5.99. There is a huge difference and if this can hold up to the epicness of the Kat Von D, as it claims in its title being epic.

| The real question is: Should You Buy The NYX Epic INK Liner or Should You Pass? |
Let’s point out all the strong points and weaknesses of both, to ease out the decision for you!

The Kat Von D one has a brush with a super-fine tip. And a little bit pointy-er than the NYX one. However, NYX is almost more pigmented.

The Kat Von D can start bleeding a little. It’s not matte black, but it’s alright. While the NYX Epic INK Liner is blacker, it applied way darker.
The NYX is a darker black off the get-go, and the Kat Von D is a little bit more of a faded black.
When they dry off, there is a bit of shine not completely matte but doesn’t look wet either if you know what I mean the finish on both of them is very similar.

Also, the NYX liner gives you point zero three fluid ounces, and the Kat Von D gives you point zero one nine fluid ounces, so you do get more product.

nyx epic ink liner vs stila

Which one will beat the time test?
About six and a half hours later, since I’ve put on the eyeliner. I noticed that the NYX Epic INK Liner has stayed on all day long, which is impressive and it has held up with the Kat Von D liner.
The NYX liner looks shinier which is due to the formula; and how it applies to the eye, while the Kat Von D has an overall smoother finish.

However, the difference is so so minimal that to me, I don’t know that it would 100% justify the price difference and especially the fact that you get more product with the NYX liner.
This is a fantastic drugstore dupe I highly recommend it I am interested to see if it’s going to replace my Kat Von D liner for good.

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Hannah Hagler

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