Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio

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Today we are reviewing all three of the Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio collection, that includes the rosewater one the green tea one and the lavender one.

If you’re one of those people, who go to Ulta or whatever store and go to the Mario Badescu section and stare at all three sprays thinking which one which one is the right fit.

All Mario Badescu facial spray trio are great, but they all do something different, and it’s because of the ingredients inside of it.

They all contain aloe which is good for your skin, but they differ with the other two elements inside of that.

mario badescu mini facial spray trio

For the first one we have the rose water, and it also contains aloe and herbs this facial spray is suitable for you if you’re trying to get a glowy look you can also put over makeup, it radiates your skin and makes it all stick so perfectly well together.

Some people get a bad experience from it because it makes them oily for that we recommend that you use it in your skincare routine: spray it first and then put if you have a serum then the eye cream and the moisturizer.

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The green tea one also contains aloe and cucumber. This one is great if you’re dealing with pimples. If you’re getting a breakout or before a wax session, the ingredients inside of this spray are anti-inflammatories.

They also control the amount of oiliness that your the glands on your face create so this is good for pimples and breakouts and all that stuff.

The purple one contains lavender chamomile and aloe addresses uneven skin tones and redness. Lavender has calming properties; it will make you Zen.

We suggest to buy all of them; whether it’s the minis or the large size, they’re great because each one of them does something that we all need help.

If you want to give yourself some gradients for the day go with the rose water; but then if you’re breaking out let’s spray some of the green tea ones.

Let’s say you’re trying to control some redness and you’re even out your skin tone then you can go with the lavender.

They all have their particular little function.

Mario Badescu Mini Facial Spray Trio retail price for $7

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio 8 ounces $12

If you get the Polo size, you’re saving around $2

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