First impressions of Lady Gaga makeup line HAUS LABORATORIES

Lady Gaga announced that she's going to be launching her own makeup line, that's called HAUS

HAUS LABORATORIES Lady Gaga makeup line

Lady Gaga announced that she’s going to be launching her own makeup line, that’s called HAUS LABORATORIES.
Almost everybody’s first reaction was definitely: why we seem to be in the Renaissance of celebrity makeup lines? Since we now have celebrities and beauty guru brands, and it’s just getting saturated.
There are only SO MANY brands and products you can buy.

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that Lady Gaga has had kind of a makeup oriented look; She always has kind of had outstanding fashion vibe in her.

Lady Gaga’s makeup line is probably going to be worlds away from Kim Kardashian because Kim is much more Photoshop perfection. However, Lady Gaga is perhaps going to be in a little bit of a different round.

She stated in her announcement video that the last thing the world needs is another beauty brand (at least she’s aware it’s getting redundant).
She talked about how makeup was such a big part of her life how makeup was such a big part of Lady Gaga. when she put makeup on, that’s kind of how Gaga was born. Essentially was based on her using makeup to become her own superhero.
She’s explaining the impact of how much makeup helped her find her confidence, bravery and make her become who she is today.

Jeffree star also commented on twitter about the brand, and people were not really having it.

Lady Gaga makeup line haus laboratories

Here are the products that Lady gaga is going to release:

1 – Le Riot Lip Gloss Duo

Le Riot Lip Gloss Duo

2 – Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder Duo

Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder Duo

3 – RIP Lip Liner Duo

RIP Lip Liner Duo

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