It’s Kylies war everybody. Kylie Jenner versus Kylie Minogue!

They were fighting in court over a trademark.
here’s the deal Kylie Jenner applied to trademark the name Kylie in the US which led to Minogue’s making opposition to Jenner’s application claiming it would cause confusion and dilute the singers brand

Here is where it gets interesting Minogue calls Jenner:
“Secondary television personality and a supporting character on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

The docs also slammed Jenner’s social media presence:
“her photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts have drawn criticism from examples the disability rights in African-American community exhibitionism “

Minogue’s opposition notes that she has been famous for longer than Jenner and has owned the following website: since 1996 which is a full year before Jenner was even born

Now The pop star, lanced her brand of makeup this week, called Kylie.

Introducing five products to begin:

Lip oil,
Lip gloss,
Eye to cheek glitter,
Lip to cheek color,
Three shades of eyeshadow.

All of the items sell for below $20 and have titles that reference the Minogue’s biggest hits.

Her annoucement was through Instagram last Sunday with the caption :
“YES! ✨Get your #Summer2019 SPARKLE on! ‘Magnetic Electric’ eyeshadow in three colours to hypnotise! Head to MERCH(andise) at to see more or swipe up in stories!”

Meanwhile, her fans and followers took the new very positively and are excited about her latest launch.

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