Jeffree Star exposes James Charles

In the last day, multiple new allegations have come out about James.
During this drama, Jeffree Star managed to stay pretty quiet on social media about this. However, Jeffree Star exposes James Charles and shocked everyone on Twitter:

Ian, James Charles brother tweeted: ” Why does everyone act so tough over the internet “

Then Jeffree retweeted him and spilled all the tea saying: ” Why is your brother a predator?? Why’d you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the fuck up. “

Jeffree then put out one last tweet about James that came as a shock to everyone:

Jeffree Star exposes James Charles

Jeffree then deleted that tweet.

He exposes that there is a reason he hasn’t seen James since Tati‘s birthday dinner months ago..
Tati touches on what went down at her birthday dinner in her video, exposing James Charles.

She said that he was talking in details about things he wanted to do to the waiter. When Tati layed it down telling James that the waiter is straight, he responded that he doesn’t care he is a celebrity. And that she had to apologize on his behalf to her family and friends who were there.

Jeffree Star exposes James Charles

Then the waiter came forward with a now-deleted video about what happened. He then goes on to say the next day he messaged James on Instagram, and James invited him to his hotel.

He states that at this time, he was curious about his sexuality.
When he started to feel uncomfortable, He left, although James did everything so the waiter could stay.

Then he went on to text James and let him know that he wasn’t into him, and he knew he was straight and not BI.

That’s when James took to Twitter and went on an emotional rant about the situation.
Even though the waiter asked James if they could end on good terms and told him he was straight, James couldn’t accept that.

Gabriel Zamora ended up putting up a Snapchat rant last night where he continues to side with James
He also talks about a fucked up mentality he seems to have about GAY/Straight Men .

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