Nikita Dragun Starts Cosmetics Brand Dragun Beauty

Dragunegg Review:

The YouTuber Nikita Dragun recently launched makeup brand Dragun Beauty.

The face powder and a color correcting concealer, which comes in a purple shimmery dragon egg,

The dragon skin perfecting potion has a holographic finish, the whole point of the color corrector is canceling discoloration that you might have and blue undertones.

It’s very pigmented it dries pretty fast so you would want to work with it quickly, it dries down to a satin matte finish.

Dragun Beaty Egg also seems like a liquid lipstick; the consistency is it’s thin and lightweight but has a lot of coverage

The Dragon Heart Transformation Face Powder contains a pink powder and a yellow powder that come in a heart shape they feel very creamy very soft.

Both powders have the most subtle sheen, it’s a brightening powder so it will not have glitter it will not have shimmer.

We have a pink opal on top, and we have yellow topaz on the bottom.

They transcend with glowy pink pearls to beautify and brighten, and the bottom one says transform any face fantasy with light refracting yellow pigments.

I would say that the best description for it it’s not shimmery it’s not anything like that it just gives you a subtle glow from within and a brightening softening effect.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable LGBTQ makeup brand to support.

This one is the perfect fit for you because beauty vlogger Nikita Dragun is the first trans-owned makeup brand designed specifically for trans people.

Dragunegg Price:

The universal color corrector retails for $25 us, and then we have a Dragon transformation face powder that retails for $35. If you want the regular egg its $55.

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