Coty Airspun Powder Review

The COTY AIRSPUN powder one of the most requested powders that has been making waves over social media for a very very long

Today, we’re finally going to do The COTY AIRSPUN powder review.
It’s one of the most requested powders that has been making waves over social media for a very very long time. A lot of people say that this powder here is the absolute best powder for setting makeup for baking makeup and generally making your makeup last longer.
What makes the COTY AIRSPUN powder even better is that it’s also a drugstore powder, which means it’s incredibly affordable.

coty airspun powder

Testing #: 01

Now I’m going to be testing this powder over two days. I will test it with different environments, to put it through its paces, so that I can let you guys know one way or another whether or not this is worth it.

It says extra translucent coverage. And on the back, it says it has an exclusive mic respond formula wear loose powder particles are spun and swirled until they reach a cloud-like softness. This ultra-smooth powder hides tiny lines wrinkles blemishes and gives a new softness to your skin. Use to set makeup or as a foundation.
It comes in shades so you can add purchase this and use it as you know the standalone foundation.
It’s long-lasting dermatologically tested. You do get 65 grams of the product.

coty airspun powder ingredients

The COTY AIRSPUN powder comes with a little powder puff. The actual powder comes with like a sticky cover and then it got like a sprinkler diffuser on the top. It also smells like lightly scented baby powder.
It does kind of like a bit of a pinky undertone to it, and when applied to the skin, it is fully translucent. It feels much softer than many other powders that I’ve tried.
I already applied The ordinary high spreadability primer; and my NARS sheer glow foundation. I love both of these products, and they usually perform very well with and many other setting powders.
Then, I started baking one side of my face with a sponge and applying the other it with a brush. So that we can get an excellent comparison of how the powder performs, with different methods.

Impressions and Remarks:

airspun loose face powder review

It feels very smooth and velvety texture. It doesn’t feel the same as when I apply like my Laura Mercier powder, it feels like a lot softer.
I feel like my pores look minimized.
I don’t think that there’s a massive difference in both sides. They both look very smooth; they both feel like effectively the same, very soft, very velvety. So far, so good!

airspun setting powder reviews

On a side note, this COTY AIRSPUN powder makes it a lot easier to blend bronzers blushes contours highlighters everything like it just it melted on.

Test Final Results:
I’m impressed with this powder. I think that my skin looks nice and smooth; it still feels quite velvety. I have got oils coming through the t-zone, but you know it’s not separating or anything.

TEST #: 02

For the second test, we are battling the COTY AIRSPUN against the Laura Mercier translucent powder. Let’s see how these two versing each other, on the right half of my face with the Coty and then the left half of my face with the Laura Mercier.
I’ve applied the same a primer and foundation that we were in yesterday’s testing to keep everything as similar as possible. And without introducing in too many variables to mess up these tests. I Picked up the Coty on a damp Beauty Blender sponge and started by sitting underneath my eyes, as per yesterday it feels very soft very smooth very velvety. Then, going in with the Laura Mercier.

Comparison and conclusions:

Now when you look at these two powder side-by-side, you can see quite a big difference in the color. Both powders are translucent; but the Coty got like a peachy pink undertone, while the laura Mercier got a yellow undertone.
I also noticed that I look brighter in the under-eye area on the laura Mercier side in comparison to the Coty Airspun side. But I do think that my skin looks smoother and more airbrushed on the Coty side in comparison to the Laura Mercier.

The Final Verdict:

I’m super impressed by the COTY AIRSPUN powder. I do not see anything awful about it; it did an outstanding job at setting the makeup, keeping the makeup in place all day long. It’s not cakier than the Laura Mercier it’s a lot more affordable than the Laura Mercier.

coty airspun powder review
Sahony Bourdier

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